These past few weeks have been a struggle. I’ve had to force myself to write. I sit at my computer and stare at words that don’t make sense, storylines that sound contrived, and I cringe. I don’t want to write. I’ve read – losing myself in stories not my own for hours at a time – but I can’t write. I have nothing to say.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the bone-weary task that is adulting, easy to forget the good things in the midst of the truly terrible, easy to dwell on the fuck you moments, easy to forget that I’m blessed by so many and so much.  I know; I do it all of the time.

But today I’m not going to. Today I’m going to take my daughter to the park because it’s a beautiful day and she loves the slide. I’m going to sit on the couch with my husband and watch TV. I’m going to kiss them both as much as possible. I’m going to laugh at my hilarious kid. I’m going to sing songs and play peek-a-boo and watch “Punzel” for the twelfth time this week. I’m going to make jokes with my sister.

And I’m going to ask you a favor. Share some good things with me. Text me. Comment. Call me. Whatever. Just lend me a little of your happy.

In return, I’ll lend you a little of mine.


This. This is my happy. Her name is Z and she’s my favorite person in the entire world. And she’s one of the many reasons that I am #blessed.



9 thoughts on “#blessed

  1. My hour of happy today, my younger teen, did the dishes and spent the time talking with me while I made chocolate chip cookies. Now I am about to start making tacos and Alton Browns Margarita’s. Today I feel lucky to have my life.


  2. Michelle,

    I love reading your writings and am so proud of you.

    Things are hard right now so I find happiness in the smallest things, to the point that it’s almost comical…which ultimately means more joy!

    I had a student that I’ve never actually had in class wait 30 minutes on her off period to bless me with a Coke yesterday. I cried. Because my day had been overwhelming. Life had really. But the Coke was the best and most thoughtful thing. It made me so very happy to be thought of in that small way! I’m sure she thought I was nuts for the tears, but that’s ok!

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  3. Happy Cinco de Mayo! I met Anne, Henry and Beatris (my heart and soul) at Petsmart of all places! It’s almost as good as going to the zoo! We went to lunch for Mexican food of course! I’ll send a photo on FB comment! Cherish those times with Z. They fly by!!!!


  4. I love this post, it has so much truth! My fifth grade students knew it was teacher appreciation week and they (mostly the ones with a crazy home life) didn’t make me teacher appreciation cards this week, they made me Mother’s Day cards! I love all my kiddos biological and otherwise!


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