who are we?


I’m Michelle – a sometimes writer, used to be English teacher, full-time emotional wreck. My husband is Casey – a motorcycle enthusiast, pepper growing maniac, former special operations military badass. In five years, we’ve gotten married, had two kids, held down full-time jobs, and battled a terminal illness (cancer sucks).

Cancer has permeated every part of our life. It’s oozed into the most ordinary conversation. It’s seeped into our everyday routines. It’s snuck into the most commonplace thought. It’s made us fearful and anxious and sick. We spend all of our time waiting – for the next appointment, the next diagnosis, the next piece of bad news. The Grim Reaper hovers in our periphery and we.can’t.breathe.

So we’re doing the only thing that makes sense – taking a deep breath and running away.

We’re packing up our kids, our dog, Casey’s parents, (and our motorcycle, of course) and heading out on the open road in our slightly used new trailer. We’re going to travel the country, spend time together as a family, have adventures, and stop worrying about death.

Essentially, we’re going to live.

Because I’m not completely naive, I fully expect this to be a beautifully disastrous adventure. We are, after all, traveling with very small children. But man! How blessed are we that we get the chance to have this adventure at all?

So if you like any combination of beauty, disasters, adventures, and the Underwoods, come travel (online) with us. I’ll try to update at least once a week, but no promises.

Side note: “But how do I navigate this adorable and well-made website?” you ask. Well, I will tell you! This is the home page. For updates about our travels, go to the “on the road” tab in the menu or click here. To read about our journey with cancer, search “cancer” in the search bar on the right (but a good place to start is at the beginning). There’s lots of semi-interesting stuff about our family, my personal struggles with anxiety, mom-ing, and life in general on this page – if you’re into that sort of thing. I haven’t quite figured out what to include on our at home page, but I’m sure it will be really cool eventually. And for information on how to get in touch with us, click here or go to “talk to me” in the menu.

Image by Ash Weisel of The Sunny Side Up Studio