and we’re off!

Current destination: On the road, leaving Cypress

Heading to: Fort Worth to meet our new nephew, then to Branson, Missouri

Mood: Nervous, but excited

I’m not sure how travel blogging will work for me because it’s not exactly my writing style, and while I’m sure I’ll find my groove eventually, please bear with me until I do.

It’s been something of a whirlwind week as we only got the trailer back from the shop on Thursday (don’t ask – it’ll only rile Casey up and I have to spend the next forever with him in a rather confined space). We managed to pack the trailer in less than three days with a lot of help from Jeremiah and Madi and only minor issues, which with two young kids is kind of a miracle. And now we’re off on our first adventure!

Zoey fixing the bed that Casey and Jeremiah broke – it’s not as weird as it sounds

Wish us luck, send us prayers, and beer us patience!

UPDATE: We shredded a tire on Highway 6, an hour and a half in. Fortunately, some very nice gentlemen stopped to help us change it. Unfortunately, it’ll likely be a costly repair as it somehow also damaged the trailer and managed to rip out our 50 amp plug. If we don’t get it fixed, we can’t run power. Like air conditioning. In the heat of summer. So if anyone has an extra grand lying around, we accept cash and checks.


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