comedy for a cause

Stoked to see these nerds for a hot minute

Current destination: Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

Next stop: A waypoint on the way to the real destination – Estes Park, Colorado and our favorite place in the greater 48

Mood: Refreshed (it’s currently 74 degrees and dropping)


Last week we went home for a couple of days because our friends Chris and Kristi organized a benefit in our honor. Almost immediately after I posted the blog about the trip my dad offered us to Lourdes, Kristi texted and asked how she could help us get there. Within a few hours, she had a plan. Her friends are the founders of a “for purpose” business (like Toms shoes) called Project Punchline, who help raise money for different worthy causes with the help of laughter and booze. Fortunately, they decided we were worthy. A group of pretty hilarious comedians were gathered, a silent auction was organized, a venue was donated (shoutout to the Tomball VFW!), and a show was born.


Y’all. 300 people showed up. More than that – Gyrodata (Casey’s job) showed up in droves, the Deacons of Deadwood (his motorcycle club) showed up on like a thousand motorcycles, my friends from ALC, my sisters (and nephew and BIL) drove from Fort Worth, and friends came from all over Houston and even Midland (😳).  We had no idea the show would be so huge or successful. Honestly, I had no idea so many people liked us this much! Our friends and family totally rallied. They had crazy cool items donated for the silent auction, like a guitar signed by Jason Aldean, a private party at 8th Wonder Brewery, tons of autographed sports memorabilia, and beautiful custom-made fire pits (like Chris said, “it turns out I know people!”) and people bid outrageously on them. And yeah, I know it’s partially because the stuff was cool, but I’m also pretty sure it’s because they love us. I don’t even have words beyond


I mean, really. What else can I say? Thank you for all you’ve done the past few years – the prayers, the generous donations of food, money, and time, the love, and the unflinching, unfailing support. We couldn’t have done it without you. And I mean that with every fiber of my being – I could not have done this on my own. We could not have done this on our own. We love you all so much (except you, Jeremiah – you’re only okay)!

Alright, that’s enough sappy business. Here are a few pictures of the things we did in Oregon before yukking it up in Houston. We went to the Tillamook factory in Oregon and fed fake calves and ate delicious ice cream (I’m not going to say anything blasphemous like it’s better than Blue Bell, but…). We spent time on the sweater weather Oregon coast and watched whales in Depot Bay. We stayed near a natural hot spring near Burns, Oregon. We stopped for a beer at the Deschutes brewery in Bend, Oregon. And Zoey got a big girl haircut in Boise, Idaho. All in all, it was a pretty decent couple of weeks that went out with a bang and a busted gut.


And really quickly, one last time before I go – thankyouloveyouyourockthankyou. Underwoods out.


  1. Love that you’re enjoying life with your beautiful family & touring the beautiful United States! The event was spectacular & lots of laughs in your honor. Travel on!


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