Hi, all. I’ve started (and stopped) writing several blogs in my usual style, but haven’t posted because a lot has been going on and I’m honestly just trying to get by! I did, however, want to write a (semi) quick update on Casey.

As many of you know, Casey was admitted to the hospital last Wednesday night. He’s been treated for pnuemonia and a collapsing lung. Both can be attributed to cancer and stupid, stupid tumors. Without going into too much detail, there is one particular tumor in his lung that has long caused issues and his doctors aren’t sure how they want to proceed with it beyond taking care of the tumor and continuing his current targeted therapy, which is, essentially, a chemo pill. One good takeaway is the doctors tested his oxygen levels and he failed so he’s getting the at-home oxygen concentrator that he’s been eyeing for a few months now. I guess it’s kind of like a new toy?

Besides one massive panic attack and some truly aggravating chest pain, he’s handled the whole thing like he’s handled much of this journey – with aggressive positivity, inappropriate jokes, and deep sleeps that come from nowhere.

Many of you have reached out to us to offer help, to ask how he’s doing, and to let us know you’re praying. I can not thank you enough for caring enough to take time out of your days to check on Casey (and me) and love on us in all the way you’re able. We could not do this without all of you.

Thank you to the Deacons, Casey’s M/C brothers, who came up and visited, for lifting his spirits when he felt most down.

Thank you to the friends who have offered food in any capacity and brought books and cookies to bolster us. (Okay, fine – books and cookies to bolster me.)

Thank you to the friends who listened when we cried and offered to drive to Cypress or to the hospital, to care for our kids, to do anything they could to take some of our burden.

And most especially, thank you to our family for stepping up and stepping in – to my mom, dad, and sister Monica who dropped everything and drove down from Fort Worth to take care of our girls the minute I asked, to my in-laws who are always flitting about doing all they can to be here and there and everywhere, to my sister Madi who always willingly gives everything she has (including her time, space, and energy) to help us survive the days, and to our best friend Jeremiah who loves us and our kids like family and does everything he can (including taking care of a screaming Charley as we rush out the door to the ER).

Please keep praying for Casey, for me, and for our girls. I’ll update again soon. That or it’ll be a return to your regularly scheduled programming with intermittent blogging and an Instagram post here or there. I commit to nothing.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your on-going struggles with cancer. Think of you and your family often and understand how difficult everything is! It’s amazing what we can survive….the highs one minute and then the lows the next…the bone deep tiredness and the unknown future…but all is overwelming! We wish you the best always and just keep on loving each other and sharing all the moments you can. Rhonda and Dale


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