thank you

I’ve never struggled this hard to find words before, but then I’ve never struggled this hard. Because you’ve all been asking, the girls and I are okay. Right now I think I’m still mostly numb, though that’s starting to wear and I feel the aching reality of losing Casey seep in more and more. Grief is a twisted, nebulous thing and each day brings new challenges, but we find joy and comfort with each other. This isn’t, however, about me or my pain – this is about all of you, about acknowledging the many, many people who have been here for us throughout Casey’s battle with cancer, but also throughout the last month. 

* * * * *

Thank you to everyone who reached out via phone calls or texts, through social media, or in person. Thank you for the flowers and the virtual hugs, for the books on grief and the loving words. I may not have responded, but I read and heard every word and I’m grateful you all cared enough to check in, share your stories, and send your condolences. 

Thank you to those of you who contributed monetarily. You helped pay for the funeral, supplemented our income, and eased some of my financial worries. Your generous donations have made it possible for me to be home with the girls until I go back to teaching in the fall.

Thank you to the Deacons of Deadwood for organizing the motorcycle procession. I know Casey was grinning down on it in Heaven, riding his own glorious, celestial bike. Casey loved all of you dearly; riding with and being part of a brotherhood gave him great joy and purpose. Thank you also for your continued support – the girls and I are incredibly lucky to have you.

Thank you to Sean Ellis and the Tomball VFW for organizing the memorial and military honors – it was such an incredible way to honor Casey.

Thank you to Gyrodata for years of support – both for Casey and for our family – as well as for providing the food for the memorial. I can not say enough good things about Gyrodata, who always treated us like family, accommodated us for far longer than we could have hoped, and left us with lasting friendships. I may not have always liked the hours kept (especially in the beginning), but I always loved the company (double entendre intended).

Thank you to the St. Louis crowd for picking up the VFW bar tab and keeping everyone “hydrated.” Love y’all always.

Thank you to Fr. Sean Horrigan and Christ the Redeemer for a beautiful funeral mass.

Thank you to Dan Weisel for the best eulogy. I mean, really, it was so good. 

And lastly, a very loud, resounding thank you to all of the family and friends who have come in and taken care of us, not just for the past month, but for the past five years. I have so many things I want to say, but I’m crying too hard to continue typing, so I’ll just say that I love you guys so much and I could not have done this without you. You’ve made losing Casey just a little more bearable and I thank God every single day for all of you – most especially for my mom, dad, and sisters (Daniel and Holdy included).

All our love, 

Michelle, Zoey, Charley, Dave, Teresa, and Kelly

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  1. Michelle,

    I’ll never forget the first night I met you and Casey and when you invited Troy and I to your beautiful home. Troy was recently hired and Casey was so kind and welcoming to him. We hadn’t bought a house in cypress yet but after being in yours and with the both of you, everything felt like home! Casey has a bigger influence on this process than I realized. He made an impact on Troy from the very beginning, his kindness and warmth you both gave so freely made us feel like we had known you forever. I’ll never forget this was the time I was about to go back to school and do esthetics, you volunteered yourself and Casey right away for a facial and I was so excited because I thought “Troy might actually let me give him a facial now!” Lol. I also remember Troy calling once and Casey was on speaker and the babies were crying in the background and Casey was cool as a cucumber, Troy and I just laughed and Casey made a joke “so when are you guys having kids?” Reflecting on our growth as a family here and this beautiful home we’ve made together the last 5 years was also pivotal in yours. Casey loved sharing every new step of his journey with us too, if Troy forgot to tell me I always asked!! LOL. I loved hearing the blessings in all of it and his growing love with you and the girls through a time I couldn’t even fathom myself although I wasn’t yet a wife or a mother. He had a way of making everything look easy because his joy was always there, what a great distracter in a serious conversation! You two are legends to me and watching you both through this leaves me with no other words but that we love you so much and what a beautiful family and story you started together. This post brings so much warmth to my soul, God bless you sweet Michelle I can’t wait to continue reading what more you have in store. You’re gonna be teaching 2.0 limited edition this coming fall, what a special and blessed class that one will be! I’ll see you soon!!



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