big mistake. huge.

Just a quick update before the big one – probably tomorrow night after we go on our big Glacier Park adventure. Yesterday Casey, his mom (Teresa, for future reference), and I went white water rafting. It was actually a little less white water and a little more slightly rapid water running over a few rocks for a slight splash, but fun nonetheless.

But the real news here is SOMEONE TRIED TO STEAL MY BRA IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. THIS REALLY HAPPENED. I accidentally left my brand new sports bra on a machine because I didn’t want to dry it. I went back as soon as I remembered and was informed by a lovely patron that someone had taken it and put it in the washer with their own clothes. Confused, I asked if it was an accident and the lovely lady said, “well, she picked it up and said it was probably too big, but she was going to take it anyway.”

WHAT. THE. EFF. Who steals a BRA!?

So, I waited until her washer stopped (because you can’t open them until they finish – I know, I tried) and I got it because guess what? No one steals undies from an Undie.

And you know who was watching me do this? Crazy lady’s boyfriend and he didn’t say a word. BECAUSE HE KNOWS HIS WOMAN IS A THIEF.

More trip updates to come when I’m not so annoyed with laundry society.


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