a series of unfortunate events

Current destination: On the road from Frisco, Colorado (where the weather was perfect)

Next stop: Moab, Utah (where it’s hot as balls)

Mood: Exhausted, stressed out, and a little bit apprehensive


Y’all. Traveling is hard. Much harder than I’d anticipated. It’s not even just the kids, though my very defiant four-year old is more than trying my patience, or the long car rides – those I expected. It’s attempting to make everyone happy when deciding where to go and what to do, it’s planning a trip around doctors’ appointments and weddings and other miscellaneous events in Houston and Fort Worth and Indiana, it’s feeling sick (Casey) and tired (me and Casey), and sick and tired of being sick and tired (all of us).

And then there are what I shall now dub our own series of unfortunate events.

The first unfortunate event was the fact that with our decision to wing it, we’ve had a very difficult time finding campsites. Apparently, most other travelers make reservations ahead of time. Weird. We spent half of our first day in Frisco driving around campgrounds, unsuccessfully looking for sites to post up in. We wound up taking the last two spots in a very fancy, very expensive RV resort in Breckenridge until we were able to move to a much cooler, much more nature-y, park area for the next two days. And do you know how annoying and how much work it is to pack up a trailer and MOVE every couple of days? No? I’ll tell you: It’s incredibly effing annoying.

Next there were the damages – all minimal, all frustrating. The first was when someone forgot to close the tailgate after changing Charley’s diaper. Casey turned, the tailgate hit the trailer, and meltdowns were only very narrowly avoided. Then there was the motorcycle. In our excitement to take a scenic route in the mountains, we pulled it out of the trailer rather hastily without removing it from the wheel chock, bending the fender. Surprisingly though (and to my immense relief), Casey didn’t throw a fit and we still had a lovely ride (but I know he’s already calculating how he can get himself a nicer fender later).

And finally, yesterday, in her first accident in eons, Zoey peed all over herself at the post office, two minutes after telling me she needed to go to the bathroom. The lady that cleaned up was not happy and neither were we. Zoey however, was over it in approximately 3.5 seconds. “Hey mom! Let’s go outside and walk jump off the rocks!”

But now, so it’s clear not all is terrible or unfortunate, the following photos are a few of the best parts of our trip. And we’ve had a lot of best parts, lots more than bad ones.

Meeting Ella (my friend from A&M Courtney’s daughter)
Garden of the Gods

Boulder, CO
Feeding Smiley at our friends’ place in Franktown, CO
Painting at The Sunny Side Up Studio in Frisco, CO

Crossing the freezing cold river in Breckenridge, CO


Hanging out with the Geboras in Golden, CO

And a few from Zoey’s ultra-cool photoshoot.


  1. Molina line y’all are hanging in there!! I can totally relate having just returned from. Road trip w my 10 year d grandson. Hardest thing I’ve ever done! Rick in Mana, you are doing great!!


  2. Making memories that will last a lifetime!! That is what you are doing!! Setting up campsites and tearing down can be exhausting without little ones in tow, I can’t imagine how tiring it is with babies!! Sending you all our love!!! We are going to see Chrissy on Labor Day weekend and we are taking our Motorhome(Bella) and I can’t wait!!! Loves!


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